Resources Committee


Cllr Charlie Anson

Committee Members

Cllr Stuart Nash

Cllr Tesh Rai

Cllr Karen Wade

Cllr Roger Jones

Dionne Busby,[Parish Clerk] (attending)

1. The purpose of the Resources Committee is to determine all the resource requirements of the Council and make recommendations to Council. Resources include finance, property, employees and contractors.

A quorum will be 3 committee members.

1.1 To issue, vary and terminate employment contracts. This will include grievance procedures, disciplinary actions concerning any employee.

1.2. To manage any recruitment matters.

1.3. To line-manage the work of the Parish Clerk. To effect the Clerk's annual appraisal.

1.4. To form a sub-Committee should LSPC be required to manage the Community Centre when constructed. To work with the developers to provide facilities in accordance with our subsequent plans for the Centre.

1.5. To recommend to the Council an annual budget and precept.

1.6. To regularly monitor income and expenditure in conjunction with the Parish Clerk.

1.7. To appoint and monitor any contractors.