Communications Committee



Committee Members

Cllr Tesh Rai

Cllr Stuart Nash

Communications Committee

1. The purpose of the Communications Committee is to ensure that the residents of Little Stanion are made aware of all aspects of the LSP Council's work or the CBCs work that directly affects them. A quorum will be 3 committee members.

1.1. The development of the new LSPC web site, its design, content, maintenance. To work with eCommune to achieve these goals. To present to Council their overall plan prior to implementation.

1.2. To monitor the costs involved with the web site.

1.3. To develop a communications strategy so that all residents, or targeted sections of residents, are given adequate notice of any events in the village that might be of interest to them.

1.4. To communicate the Council's activities, decisions and requests for advice/feedback to residents.

1.5. To consider what methods of communication are not being utilized currently and how they might be developed in the future.

1.6.To liaise with interested bodies, such as Rural Pride, NCC, CBC [on matters other than planning], Police, Fire Services, Social Services and Environmental Services where their assistance can benefit the village.