Planning Committee



Committee Members

Cllr Tesh Rai

Cllr Charlie Anson

1. The purpose of the planning committee is to ensure that any planning applications or strategy proposals that affect Little Stanion are examined to ensure that they are in the best interests of the residents and mindful of how they might affect the lives of residents. A quorum will be 2 committee members.

2. Process:

2.1. The Parish Clerk will forward by email any planning applications received from the Local Planning Authority to all members of the planning committee within 24 hours of receipt.

2.2. The Chair of the planning committee will consider each application and pass their comments to all committee members.

2.3. If there is 'no comment' and it is agreed by the planning committee members, the Chair will advise the Planning Authority accordingly.

2.4. If the Chair considers a site visit will assist the understanding/validity of an application, a visit will be arranged by whomever the Chair designates. Their report will be passed to the Chair, ideally with photographs.

2.5. The Parish Clerk will be advised if there are any contentious issues arising from the application and if so the matter will be discussed by a full Council.

2.6. All new applications will be detailed on the Council Meeting agenda and the planning committee will report in summary.

2.7. Consideration to be given to putting all new applications on the new LSPC website, [liaison with the Commination's Committee].

2.8. To advise on any action to be taken if an application is made for the development of allotments.