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  • Little Stanion general view

    Little Stanion general view

Little Stanion Village Committee agenda- 18th July 2019.

Illegal motorbike riding.

It has been brought to our attention that people have been riding motorbikes on the Public Open Space in front of Preseli Walk and Brecon Close. This is not acceptable and is a Health & Safety risk to our residents and members of the public using and living in this area.
Please report any further incidents to the police on there non-emergency line 101.

The Parish Council has now received final confirmation of?? the revised bus timetable for services 8 and 18 which will take effect in August not July as previously notified.

MINUTES of a meeting with Silentpride/JME/LSFMC on 2nd July 2019

Village BBQ

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Message received from LSFMC

Neighbourhood watch scheme

The Parish Council feels it would benefit residents of the village if Neighbourhood Watch schemes were in place throughout Little Stanion. Because of the size of the village it is felt more than one scheme is needed.

The Parish Council is not permitted (by law) to run such a scheme. We can, however provide knowledge and guidance as to how one is set up and run.

If there any residents who would be interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch scheme would they please contact the Parish Council on or ring the Parish Clerk on 07522 912792

Little Stanion Village Committee (LSVC) - minutes of the first meeting.

  • LSVC (PDF, 186 Kb)

    Minutes of the first meeting of the LSVC



Effective from the end of July buses will stop at the Welcome Centre at the following times.

(Times may vary during school holidays)


To Corby

No 8 08:38 16:17 No 18 07:17 10:04 12:08 13:51

To Kettering

No 8 12:43 14:22

To Raunds (via Thrapston)

No 18 12:17

To Thrapston only

No 18 16:51 18:04


To Corby

No 813:25 17:30

No 18 08:04 11:10

To Raunds (via Thrapston)

No 18 14:01

To Thrapston only

No 18 18:01

A press release following the Annual Parish Meeting last night.

Works notification received from RJM.

Chairman's report presented to the Annual Parish meeting tonight - 14/05/2019

Chairman's Report to the Annual Parish Meeting. 14/5/19

From Chris Horsman, Chairman of Little Stanion Parish Council.

This is not a regular Parish Council meeting. An Annual Parish Meeting is YOUR meeting to find out what we've been up to and to ask whatever questions you wish.

Please allow me to headline some of the activities we have been addressing in this, our first year as a Parish Council.

The first thing we did was to create a workable structure, so we devised three committees.

PLANNING committee, headed by John Lattimore, considers planning applications or issues with the developers.

COMMUNICATIONS Committee, headed by Ray Kilham manages our messages to all residents including the new web site.

and the

RESOURCES Committee now headed by Ian Mclees, manages the finances of the Council in conjunction with our Parish Clerk, Julia Tufnail.

The other Councillors are Charlie Anson, Melanie Jamera, Sarah Wood and Berenice Wyke. Our Clerk is Julia Tufnail.

We started the year by devising these three committees and this has been added to by the Little Stanion Village Committee. This came about by the Little Stanion Village Association becoming a part of the Council.

A lot of our early work was the mundane but necessary establishment of all our terms of Reference or statutory instruments (to use the jargon).

We then set about devising a two year plan to give our activity some focus. The outcome was a trio of aims

  • To make LS a desirable and safe place to live and work.
  • To improve the profile of the Parish Council within the village, so that you know what we are charged to do.
  • To recognise the contribution of other organisations, work closely with them and establish relationships.

The final draft of the plan of how we'll make it all happen now awaits Council approval at the 28th May meeting.

We provided a Defibrillator with sponsorship from LSFMC. That's outside the Welcome Centre.

We had two deer signs erected on Longcroft Road with sponsorship from Tata Steel and Mulberry Developments.

We've had a lot of discussions with Corby Borough Council and the developers about the building of the village hall, the shops and the additional homes. They are on-going.

Not all our jobs are much fun. Last weekend a Polish lorry driver, having been to the Euro Hub, decided to expose himself to two lady residents walking back from Tesco's. That caused us to have phone calls, send letters and emails to his bosses in Poland and Immingham as well as several talks to the Police. Things like that take an inordinate amount of time but our role is always to do what we can to protect the residents. I have Helen Travers-Dade to thank for helping me with that incident.

As I've already said, we absorbed the LSVA into the Council last month, an action that met with unanimous approval of those who attended the meetings.

We attend the regular Rural Area Forum for Corby. This discusses all matters that concern the lives of us living in the Corby Rural Area.

We purchased grit bins for the village in readiness for any snow and ice.

We worked with the Clinical Commissioning Group to look at ways of keeping and developing the Urgent Care Centre.

We, I say we, Ray Kilham developed the Parish Council website along with Julia our Clerk and that's proving popular.

We are in the process of applying for Quality Status that will demonstrate that we perform to the highest standards.

The Christmas Lights Competition appeared to be popular and of course the Summer BBQ never fails to disappoint.

Natasha Douglas raised some £3000 of donations from the village and others for Centrepoint by running the London Marathon. A great achievement.

As a new Parish we don't have a big pot of money for all the things we want to provide the village so we have put in two bids for financial contributions. One is to CBC and the other is to the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner. We haven't heard yet if we have been successful. Fingers crossed.

One of the bids is to provide a Vehicle Activated Sign for Longcroft Road in order to help slow down vehicles, for the sake of us and the deer population.

MINUTES of a meeting with Silentpride/JME/LSFMC on 9th April 2019

Proposed changes to services 8 and 18

From the end of May 2019 there will be a reduction in the regularity of bus services through the village. This is due to reductions in funding for public transport, and the fact that No 8 and 18 bus services not well used. As soon as details are available revised timetables will be published.

Map of permissible walks in the local woods.

The map which has been sent to your Parish Council shows where it is permissible to walk in the woods, as the land is owned by Tata Steel.

Please click on map for a larger image.

Statement from JME Civils.

A number of residents have shown concern at the lack of activity to complete the village development and the Parish Council has received this statement on the 26/03/2019 from the developer

JME continue to be fully committed to progressing works as promptly and efficiently as possible, and work with all the stakeholders to achieve a successful and completed project.

Work has slowed up over the winter months, however we are currently procuring suitable contractors to carry out soft landscaping works in Long and Short Meadow, this will be followed by laying the tarmac on the paths in these areas. The shortage of suitable planting stock is causing some difficulty, which is explained in more detail on the attached statement from Lockhart Garrett.

With regard to the work in the village square area of the site we are working through due diligence with funders and this has raised a number of legacy points that have to be worked through systematically before work can commence.

Latest News

Street lighting

A survey of the street lighting in the village has noted that there are 4 street lights currently not working; they are:-

Opposite No. 9 Roman Road

Opposite No. 197 Roman Road

Opposite No. 11 Savernake Drive

Opposite No. 16 Savernake Drive

Inspections have been conducted and they will be made operative shortly.

Posted: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 20:04 by Ray Kilham

Little Stanion Village Committee agenda- 18th July 2019.

Little Stanion Village Committee agenda- 18th July 2019.

Posted: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 19:20 by Ray Kilham

Illegal motorbike riding

It has been brought to our attention that people have been riding motorbikes on the Public Open Space in front of Preseli Walk and Brecon Close. This is not acceptable and is a Health & Safety risk to our residents and members of the public using and living in this area.
Please report any further incidents to the police on there non-emergency line 101.

Posted: Mon, 08 Jul 2019 20:03 by Ray Kilham